Sunday, August 21, 2016

Compiling a Sad Puppy reading list: help needed

When I began tweeting as @sadpupsff a year ago I quickly realized that I don't read fast enough. Not even one-one hundredth fast enough. There is so very much SFF out there, especially in indies, that I couldn't possibly figure out which works are or aren't hostile to religion, conservative or libertarian politics, or anything else, let along review them for the all-important fun factor.

What we really need is a resource that would give, not just the best works of the year in the opinion of anyone who cares to comment (as the Sad Puppies 4 web site has, and it's a useful resource in its own way: see the links in the side bar), but a list of as many works as possible, and whether they're as unenjoyable as an episode of Law and Order for how they depict conservatives and the religious, or as fun as James H. Schmitz's The Witches of Karres (1966) (which if you haven't read, go read it: rollicking good fun and not a message in sight, except be good; be brave; and remember to wash behind your ears).

I know at least one other Sad Puppy blogger thinking along these lines; if we could get some people together as readers and everyone read a book a month and review it for Sad Puppy criteria, we could start to get a good reading list together. There are other bloggers who already have lists of their own, and I intend to put links to more of them in the sidebar also; and also links to Sad Puppy author blogs and Amazon pages.

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